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Kaiwiko'o  "Jaz" Yglesias aka "Bolohead"

Birth Place: San Francisco, Ca

Current Home Town: kailua kona, HI

Ethnicity: Filipino, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican

Education: in California.. Sunset High School. Trade Schools for both Upholstery & Butchering. and.. Olelo Hawai'i (The lahui Project).

Interest: My Kids First!!! Producer at KML Studios, Head coach of Shoot Hawaii Fight Team, VP  of The Apostles Motor cycle Club Kona Chapter

Favorite Food: I eat almost absolutely everything!!!!! I appreciate the way different cultures prepare food! I have a special relationship with

Favorite Island Artist: Kuana Torres Kahele, Nathan Aweau, Peter Ahia,  Kaiwiko'o (lol)

Favorite Musical Artist: Rafael Saadiq, Stylistics, Ne-Yo, Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton

Community Involvement: donates time for all toys for tots bike runs, American Red Cross relief, Hawaii Island food Basket. kako'o I na keiko Program , Co-founder of the Lahui Project. Takes in interns at recording studio to teach them production and music marketing skills. Mentors young Martial Artist starting in the fight business.

Cultural Involvement: Anything that supports the forward movement of Hawaiians! especially with Hawaiian music and language.

Why I Love Radio: who else going pay me for what I do all day talk talk. I love being responsible for setting the tone for peoples day!

Things that make me "Buss Laff": tourist in Speedos, when people try to speak pidgin or Hawaiian to try fit in and sound ridiculous,

Things I do that might make  you "Buss Laff". I love to rip peeps, and I love getting ripped on, I just rip back harder!. plus I can burp and fart same time in two part harmony.