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Dardenella "Darde" Gamayo aka "Tita Nui"

Birth Place: Kohala, Hawai'i

Current Home Town:Honoka'a, Hawai'i

Education:Honoka'a High & Intermediate, (86' Dragon for life!), Masters Degree in LIFE!

Interest:The most important thing to me is my ohana & spending time with them, other than that I am interested in a lot of different things, cooking is one of my favorites but I also like many other things. From dancing hula, cross stitching, fishing, reading & hunting. Being raised on this beautiful island has given me a wide range of interest.

Favorite Food:I have no favorite food! I like all food.... with a few exceptions like raw opihi, liver & curry. Look at my pic & you'll agree that I don't have only one favorite.... LOL!!!

Favorite Island Artist:Growing up here in Hawaii in the 80's, I gotta say C&K, Kalapana, Olomana & Na Leo.

Favorite Musical Artist:My ohana (Uncle Augie Martinez, Freddo Martines & the rest of uncles) that played the best Kachi-kachi music in the islands (yes I am biased). I love all different kinds of music.

Community Involvement: I am a part of the Waipi'o Valley Circle. I donate to the Hawaii Island Foodbank, Salvation Army & American Cancer Society. I know that my community involvement will grow even more now that I am a part of the KAPA Ohana.

Cultural Involvement: I am a part of the Waipi'o Valley Circle & have a special interest in the preservation of Waipi'o Valley. I belong to Halau O' Po'ohala & love that we are preserving the Hawaiian culture through song & dance.

Why I Love Radio:Music has always played an important part in my life. It can help set the mood or change your mood. I am new to this side of radio and love seeing how it impacts people not just here but through out the world.

Things that make me "Buss Laff":Spending time with my eternal companion (husband) & Ohana, because we always end up razing each other and since no one wants to lose we keep it going for hours. The other thing that makes me "buss laff" is spending time with my girlfriends, talking about everything under the sun & I mean everything!!!

Things i do that might make  you "Buss Laff":Are you kidding, me make you"buss laff"? Now that makes me "buss laff"! I love bussin' out the Tita Nui side of me & talkin' total pidgin. Remember laughter is the best medicine. I love to laugh & make people laugh... come talk story with me and see for yourself.