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Braddah Moks

Name:Kamoku Chung-Hoon Palau aka "Braddah Moks"
Birth Place:  Honolulu,Oahu.

Current Home Town:  Kaohe,Capt

Education:  Konawaena Elem,Middle and High. C/O 98 Wildcats all da way!!!!!!
Interest:  Spending time with the fam bam, playing music and cruzing with friends.
Favorite Food:  Wat evahs in front of me!

Favorite Island Artist:  Back in my "Hanah Banah Days" Ka'au Crater Boys, Hawaian style Band, Pa'ani Pila,Willie K, Hui Ohana and more....
Favorite Musical Artist:  Raiatea Helm, Mailani,Anuhea. Love to jam with them.
Community Involvement:  Toys for Tots in Kona, Surf meet in Pohoiki, Walk for life(American Cancer Society) High school graduation ceremonies.

Why I Love Radio:Brought up listening to Hawaiian music in my ohana. This is my roots!
Things that make me "Buss Laff":  When you are at a traffic light and the person in the car next to you digging his/her nose! Whats up with that? lol
Things i do that might make you "Buss Laff":  Doing the "Electric Slide"